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YOU NEED THIS SKIRT!!!! The color, the cut, the texture. YES YES YES!!! When I bought this I could not figure out what top to wear with it to make it appropriate for the season and flattering for my body type. I picked up this balloon sleeve sweater from Target the other day and knew as soon as I put them against each other that this was exactly what I was looking for. I’ll be honest, I don’t think the outfit would go together so seamlessly without the hat. Any type of stiff brim hat will do, and of course I had to pop on a pair of booties. This is actually one of Chandler’s favorite outfits that I’ve put together so I was flattered.

This Florida weather has been fabulous, with a high of 70!!! Chandler and I are headed to North Carolina this weekend and I am sooo excited to get some cool weather and colored leaves in my life.  Tuesday is my birthday so I’m ready to spend the day with my man in the mountains. Tomorrow after work we are headed to my mom’s to visit and get ready for my mom’s annual “Breakfast With a Witch” event. She started hosting this a few years ago and it is the cutest thing in the world.  You guys know I’ll be taking pictures the whole time so make sure you are following me on IG to tag along for the fun (@tannermmann).  I can’t wait.  It’s basically a Halloween breakfast where we all dress up as witches and drink potion (some type of juice) and Halloween themed food. My family loves Halloween, now you know where I get it from.  Anyways, it is currently October 26th and I have yet to watch a Halloween movie, if that gives you any indication of how my month is going. I haven’t stopped for 2 seconds and feel like I can’t catch up. (insert crying emoji) LOL That’s life during the holidays as an adult, right?  It’s okay though, I’m thankful for everything that keeps me busy.  I’m beginning to ramble so I’m cutting myself off and leaving it at that. I love you guys so so so much. If you are a regular blog reader of mine, you have a special place in my heart. <3

Happy Friday Friends!!

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    Totally love this outfit!! Stunning as always❤️

    October 27, 2017 at 12:58 pm
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