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Good morning! Wednesdays are actually one of my favorite days of the week because you can pat yourself on the back for making it halfway to the weekend and still feeling like to have time to get things done before the week comes to an end.  Unfortunately, this bi-polar Florida weather has my allergies on attack mode and I’m in bed demolishing one role of toilet paper at a time. I kid you not, on Monday I was wearing a scarf and gloves and yesterday I was sweating on my walk to the car after work… like, what?


It has been a few weeks since the official launch of the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters. Kylie created 6 shades of her personally formulated highlighter. Starting from left to right, top to bottom, we have: Strawberry Shortcake, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Cherry, Banana Split, and Cotton Candy Cream.  We have to give it to Kylie for the names of these beautiful shades. The naming alone makes me want to eat them as a snack. These highlighters were not sent out to beauty influencers as PR before the release so I hadn’t heard any reviews and was a bit nervous ordering, but I knew I had to be quick. I chose to purchase just one to test the formula before deciding to purchase more. Before the launch date I decided on “French Vanilla” because I’m so fair in skin and wanted something that wouldn’t make my cheek look dirty or muddy.  Little did I know that everyone else also wanted French Vanilla.  I was on the website refreshing for 5 minutes, accepting the fact that I was probably not going to get it this time around because I’m up against every other makeup lover in the world. To my surprise, my fingers went to work, I hit “complete order” and it was mine!! I literally felt a feeling of accomplishment. Is that sad?

I tested this product all weekend and here are my thoughts:

Touch: The formula is actually very nice. I wouldn’t explain the feel of the product as buttery, but almost wet. It is extremely smooth and there aren’t chunks of glitter, which is a plus! The product glides on your cheek with no hesitation.

Smell: I have recently heard some people say that these highlighters have a chemical smell but this isn’t something that I’ve noticed. There isn’t much of a smell.  You will either love or hate this. Some consumers love their products to have the smell of a desired treat, vanilla is most common and would have made perfect sense for this shade. Others are sensitive to smell and prefer that their makeup be odorless. I actually prefer a pleasant smell but I can do without as long as the product is bomb!

Pigmentation: The photos above show that this is definitely not a blinding highlighter. If you are someone that likes to shine for the gods and are used to your highlighter reflecting the suns rays to outer space, this is not the product for you. As you can see in my photos this is a more subtle highlight, which I LOVE. I am not the type of person to wear a blinding highlight every single day…just on the weekends. This is a product that I feel comfortable wearing in a professional setting and feeling like I still have life in my face.

Application: My favorite brush to use when applying highlight is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. It is small enough to have control over the areas that you are applying and just dense enough to pick up the perfect amount of product.  Highlight is one of the last steps in my makeup process.  With this product, I have found that to achieve it’s best results you should apply at least three layers to the cheeks bones– smaller amounts on the nose and above the brow.  Once you have sprayed your face with setting spray and it is almost dry apply one more layer to your cheeks bones.  The setting spray will just give it that oomf that it needs to stand out and give it something to hold onto.

Longevity: I wore my makeup for about 10 hours this day and I was super impressed by the longevity of this product.  I did wear a primer and setting spray so I’m sure that this helped but I have some highlighters that fall off of my face within a couple of hours no matter what I do. Another point to Kylie Cosmetics for bringing their A game.

I’ve only tried “French Vanilla” so I can’t speak for the other shades but I actually really love this product. It is applies smoothly, its buildable, and looks like a natural “glow from within” look. I’m not sure when they are restocking the entire line but you can still get your hands on Banana Split, Strawberry Shortcake (I really want this one!), and Chocolate Cherry.  I can appreciate that Kylie was very inclusive and created a shade for every skin tone. In my opinion, $22 is a reasonable price for the amount of product that is included and the formula itself.  I just saw that she is releasing her on blushes this Friday– I have to admit that I am super excited. Blush is one of my favorite makeup products. Give me a peach colored blush and my heart is content. “Hot and Bothered” is the color that I am after. Can you guess which one is it?


Barely Legal , X-Rated, Hot and Bothered, Hopeless Romantic, and Virginity.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a natural highlight. I loved the formula, the application, the appearance, and the price point.  I will keep you guys updated once she fully re-stocks the collection so you can get your hands on the shade that you desire.  Don’t forget there are 3 shades still in stock. If you’ve tried any of the other shades, what are your thoughts? I’m dying to know! 🙂

I hope this helped you make up your mind on whether to go for it or not. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you guys have a fabulous day! Love you!

-Tanner Mann <3

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